I hate to do this, since it is intended to just be a fun way for bloggers to honor each other and build good community relations and networks in the blogosphere.  However, since I reside in a litigious society, in a litigious era and I hope to stay out of legal trouble through my efforts to put a smile on the face of others, I believe I need to state the following:

  1. This is not an “official” award and does not bestow any privileges on any recipient.
  2. By establishing the award and this site, the hostess, Kina Diaz DeLeon, does not receive or offer payment or other compensation for the promotion of any of the award recipients or their blog sites.
  3. This is not an attempt to advertise, promote, or advocate for any income generating agency, organization or person.
  4. The award is given to persons writing about, and sometimes offering details regarding, serious and difficult subject matter, including but not limited to: physical and mental health diagnoses, abuse in various forms, addictions, compulsions, and other intense and/or triggering topics.  Please use caution and discretion by reading the categories and tags used when posting to determine whether or not to visit a site.
  5. The views, events, opinions, and facts presented in the recipient blogs are not those of this site’s hostess, Kina Diaz DeLeon.
  6. Strong language may be used on the nominated/awarded blog and be included in excerpts from those blogs. This falls under freedom of speech.
  7. No content from the site of another will be edited or altered in any way, other than for formatting purposes.
  8. The hostess of this site and founder of the award, Kina Diaz DeLeon, does not attest to the veracity of statements made by recipients or on their blogs.
  9. Please direct any questions or concerns via email to humaninrecovery@gmail.com.



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