Unveiling a new badge: Tracy Shave


Tracy Shave, the powerhouse behind Giggle Together and author of the blog, Traciness – In all it’s glory, recently contacted me on my Facebook page and informed me she had accepted my challenge and created this wonderful badge.


I think it is beautiful, cute, and creative. It perfectly embodies the beauty that rises from the ashes of destruction and the strength that comes from moving through painful and challenging things in our lives.

I think it only fitting that Tracy herself be the first recipient of this new badge as a recipient of the Courageous Confessional Blog Award. In her own words:

I am Tracy Shave. “Traciness” is a term that has been used in different organisations as they hand work for me to do. It is a technical term commonly used to express a need for something to be brighter, more creative and “in your face”. It is also the term used when describing my diagnosis. I may have been diagnosed by a doctor with Bi-polar Disorder II and there are indications that I have undiagnosed Adult ADHD but for me they all add up to having “Traciness”. I have a son who has ADHD, AUTISM and Sensory Processing Disorder – or “jamieness” as I like to call it – his name is Jamie. We are, after all, just individuals! This is that world and I’d like to share it with you.

This is a woman who has done what needed to be done to move from the lowest of lows and figure out how to not just survive, but also to use her experiences and realities to thrive and grow Ina me from.

Please visit her blog and meet her for yourself.


Hats: vwoop vwoop

Carol Ann from Many of us nominated Hats and her blog vwoop vwoop for the Courageous Confessional Blog Award.


***TRIGGER WARNING: If you’re triggered by hospitals or illness don’t read this, I’m looking at *you* Bourbon.******

i apologize for typo’s, we’re heavily medicated.

I am gonna try to write this up now but I don’t know how far I’ll get. The vicodin they gave us barely even takes the edge off the pain, and the anti-nausea medicine might as well not exist for all the good it does.

last night…no it was the night before i guess…whateve,r saturday night we started having awful stomach pains. we’ve had similar pains before in the last few months and from the reserach we’ve done it seemd to be a stomach ulcer. the pain would be moderate and wake us up in the middle of the night, and last for several hours then disappear. it was bad, but just about tolerable. also…we couldn’t afford a doctor, so we hoped to just struggle through it. ~ illness, by Hats on vwoop vwoop


Kevin: Voices of Glass

Carol Ann from Many of us nominated Kevin and his blog, Voices of Glass, for the Courageous Confessional Blog Award.

Voices of Glass

Did you look at it and think it’s probably going to be an article from a guy (or gal) with mental health problems who was trying to explain why he (or she) acts the way he (or she) does? Or someone spouting off about how mental health is often used by folk to excuse their actions?

Well sorry, that is not the idea behind this article.  Yes I have poor mental health but the bad behavior I am referring to actually isn’t mine it is yours and not mine!

See sometimes I like to write controversial or thought provoking titles and then add a twist.  Certainly I chose this particular title because I hope that it is both controversial and thought provoking but I also chose it because it probably would make you think what I mentioned earlier.

You see many moons ago my wife and I worked with single…

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Bourbon: Crazy in the Coconut

Carol Anne from Many of us nominated Bourbon and company from Crazy in the Coconut for the Courageous Confessional Blog Award.

Serenne: Burn The Butterfly

Carol Anne from Many of us nominated Burn The Butterfly for the Courageous Confessional Blog Award. Here are Serenne’s own words: Continue reading

Le Clown: A Clown on Fire, Black Box Warnings & The Ringmistress: Laments and Lullabies

My third nominee for the Courageous Confessional Blog Award is none other than . . . Le Clown of A Clown On Fire and Black Box Warnings

Also nominated: The Ringmistress, wife of Le Clown, aka Sara of Laments and LullabiesHire me, I’m crazy