Award Badge

There used to be two award badges that I created. I am not a graphic artist and these were fairly rudimentary offerings.

I opened up the following challenge:

Anyone desiring to create a different badge may do so and submit it for consideration, I will be happy to consider it as an award option. Please use the following guidelines:

  1. Include complete title: Courageous Confessional Blog Award
  2. Include complete description:: Awarded to bloggers on a personal journey of healing, wholeness, and community through sharing their stories of experience, strength, and hope.
  3. Include complete url: (if possible embed a link into the graphic)
  4. Include the colors according to the following guidelines:
  • Blue ~ Healing
  • Brown ~ Wholeness
  • Orange ~ Community
  • Grey ~ Experience
  • Red ~ Strength
  • Purple ~ Hope
  • Yellow ~ Base color for the award (Wisdom and Inspiration)

On December 10, 2012, Tracy Shave presented me with a beautiful new badge: 20121216-153802.jpg

On December 16, 2012 Tracy became the first recipient of the new badge. Thank you Tracy.

If anyone else wishes to add to the badge selections by using their digital artistry, is welcome to do so. All contributions will be considered and any badges displayed on this page may be utilized, awarded, and displayed on/by/to qualifying blogs.

Color selections are based on color theory and color therapy practices. The following sites were consulted in deciding which colors to utilize in the creation of this award.; Healing with Colour, Feng Shui and Colour Therapy in Interior Design by cflynn on HubPages; and Colour Therapy: HUE’DUNIT on, Alternative Therapy page


2 thoughts on “Award Badge

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