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I'm a wordy, nerdy wannabe. I'm a proud mama of two adult children and the child still living at home. I also have two, fabulous grandchildren. Sometimes, I write poetry. Often, I write "stream of consciousness" musings. Mostly, I write what's on my mind and in my heart. Formerly writing under psudonym: Kina Diaz DeLeon

Heather: Defying My Odds

Update: December 17, 2012
This blog is no longer found on WordPress. All links have been removed.

Heather from Defying My Odds nominated her blog because she is on a crusade to give voice to those who are otherwise considered voiceless statistics: foster children, teen moms, single moms, and victims of abuse. She has worked hard to fight against the destiny the statistics indicated should be hers. At a cost.


Hats: vwoop vwoop

Carol Ann from Many of us nominated Hats and her blog vwoop vwoop for the Courageous Confessional Blog Award.


***TRIGGER WARNING: If you’re triggered by hospitals or illness don’t read this, I’m looking at *you* Bourbon.******

i apologize for typo’s, we’re heavily medicated.

I am gonna try to write this up now but I don’t know how far I’ll get. The vicodin they gave us barely even takes the edge off the pain, and the anti-nausea medicine might as well not exist for all the good it does.

last night…no it was the night before i guess…whateve,r saturday night we started having awful stomach pains. we’ve had similar pains before in the last few months and from the reserach we’ve done it seemd to be a stomach ulcer. the pain would be moderate and wake us up in the middle of the night, and last for several hours then disappear. it was bad, but just about tolerable. also…we couldn’t afford a doctor, so we hoped to just struggle through it. ~ illness, by Hats on vwoop vwoop


Kevin: Voices of Glass

Carol Ann from Many of us nominated Kevin and his blog, Voices of Glass, for the Courageous Confessional Blog Award.

Voices of Glass

Did you look at it and think it’s probably going to be an article from a guy (or gal) with mental health problems who was trying to explain why he (or she) acts the way he (or she) does? Or someone spouting off about how mental health is often used by folk to excuse their actions?

Well sorry, that is not the idea behind this article.  Yes I have poor mental health but the bad behavior I am referring to actually isn’t mine it is yours and not mine!

See sometimes I like to write controversial or thought provoking titles and then add a twist.  Certainly I chose this particular title because I hope that it is both controversial and thought provoking but I also chose it because it probably would make you think what I mentioned earlier.

You see many moons ago my wife and I worked with single…

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Bourbon: Crazy in the Coconut

Carol Anne from Many of us nominated Bourbon and company from Crazy in the Coconut for the Courageous Confessional Blog Award.

Serenne: Burn The Butterfly

Carol Anne from Many of us nominated Burn The Butterfly for the Courageous Confessional Blog Award. Here are Serenne’s own words: Continue reading

A Nominating Dilemma

Day 2 of this site’s existence and I already have a bit of a nominating dilemma.  Please fill out the poll below to let me know how you are most interested in reading about award recipients.

[Apparently I neglected to explain what award this is respect to. So, anyone just seeing this post without actually looking through the site would not have any knowledge what this is in relation to: The Courageous Confessional Blog Award]

In the meantime, I’m going to go forward with what I’m doing and experiment to see what works.

I look forward to your responses.

Keith Addison ~ Sleepless in Newcastle

July 29, 2012 at 5:23 AM ~ Athena Brady: I would like to nominate Keith you know who he is and where he hangs out. Every day he has the courage to put himself out there and he never gives up.

Athena and I met Keith Addison from Sleepless in Newcastle while participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge during the month of July 2012.  He deals with many issues: a daughter with an undiagnosed genetic condition and physical challenges of his own. The following is an excerpt from his post on July 7, 2012, 9 things special needs parents don’t want to hear

I am only human. I have been to Hell and back in raising my daughter. I have become a better person because of my daughter and I have developed a sense of empathy and patience that I would not have otherwise, however, I am exactly the same as other parents. Sometimes I get snappy and irritable, my daughter drives me up the wall, and sometimes I just want to lock myself away and get 5 minutes to myself.  I still have dreams and wants that need to be satisfied. I blog, listen to music, play on my Playstation 3, enjoy woodcarving, love to read books and watch mind-numbing TV like Family Guy or American Dad sometimes. I have to escape my role as a parent and carer every now and then and it is nice to be able to have a conversation that doesn’t centre around my special needs or my daughter.  Sometimes talking about my kids is the only human contact I will have in a week or even a month of visiting doctors or the hospital, so it is nice when I do see you to talk about other things than my daughter and her condition.

Keith, you inspire, encourage, and give so much of yourself on your blog.  Thank you for putting yourself out there. Congratulations.

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