Acceptance Rules

The rules are more like requests.

  1. It’s yours, display it freely: If you have been “nominated” it means someone has read enough of your work to feel like you have shown you are on a personal journey of healing, wholeness, and community through sharing your stories of experience, strength, and hope. 
  2. Write an “acceptance” post: Link back to the one who gave you the award and include the link back to this site. Name one or more bloggers whose blog(s) contributed to your healing and growth and provide a link to the blog(s), including any specific post(s) that may have contributed to your journey.
  3. Provide the link to your acceptance post: in a comment below the award post and somewhere on the blog(s) you are nominating for the award.

If someone thought that you earned the award, then you earned it and have the right to display it without obligation to do anything else.  The rules exist as a way to build community and provide a “clearinghouse” of posts and blogs that people who may need to read what you have to say can discover that they are less alone than they thought.


Nominate, accept, or congratulate

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