Kevin: Voices of Glass

Carol Ann from Many of us nominated Kevin and his blog, Voices of Glass, for the Courageous Confessional Blog Award.

Voices of Glass

Did you look at it and think it’s probably going to be an article from a guy (or gal) with mental health problems who was trying to explain why he (or she) acts the way he (or she) does? Or someone spouting off about how mental health is often used by folk to excuse their actions?

Well sorry, that is not the idea behind this article.  Yes I have poor mental health but the bad behavior I am referring to actually isn’t mine it is yours and not mine!

See sometimes I like to write controversial or thought provoking titles and then add a twist.  Certainly I chose this particular title because I hope that it is both controversial and thought provoking but I also chose it because it probably would make you think what I mentioned earlier.

You see many moons ago my wife and I worked with single…

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2 thoughts on “Kevin: Voices of Glass

  1. Hi HIR,

    Well what a blessing and a surprise when I woke up this morning to see that I have been awarded this award as a result of a nomination by Carol ann from over at Many of Us.

    It also touches me that I wrote that particular piece in January 2 years back now and before accepting this award I felt it was something I sould refamiliarize myself with, I am certainly glad that I did.

    So I am truly very grateful to you and to Carol ann for this award and I of course accept it in the spirit with which it was nominated and awarded.
    I am truly touched.and grateful
    God bless you both,

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